We know that many customers are concerned with protecting their cherished new car with an appropriate warranty. As experts and with the best connections, we can always recommend attractive options for enhancing the manufacturer warranty on your car.

All our cars come with a clear HPI report, and COMPREHENSIVE 1 TO 3 YEARS PARTS AND LABOUR WARRANTIES are AVAILABLE at your choice.

Warranty Policies

We try our best to ensure your new car will give you many years of trouble free driving, but there may be some mechanical problems beyond our control over time.

For your peace of mind we are able to offer mechanical warranty packages tailored to your vehicle. There are many products on the market but our warranties have been personally selected and proven.

And if you are concerned about the write-off value should your car be involved in an accident or stolen, we have comprehensive GAP & RTI INSURANCE AVAILABLE too.

RTI or Return to Invoice Policy

What is Return to Invoice insurance?

If your car is declared a "Total Loss" by your road risk insurance company, you will only be paid the current value of your vehicle at the time of your loss - NOT what you originally paid for it.
Luckily you can soften the blow with Return to Invoice insurance (RTI)

This policy will pay out the difference from what your insurer decides to pay you as a settlement and the price you paid when you bought the vehicle.

For Example: Invoice price is £20,000 when you purchased your new or used car.

Let us say that 2 years later your car is stolen or written off in an accident or by fire .Your road insurance company will only pay the market value at, let's just say for example, £14,000.

RTI policy pays you the difference of £6,000 to replace your vehicle with one of similar age and mileage or any other as you wish.

To be eligible for one of our (RTI) policies the vehicle must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The vehicle is no older than 10 years old
  • The invoice sale price is less than £75,000
  • The vehicle must have fully comprehensive insurance
  • The vehicle is a private car and not used for hire or reward, for example a taxi or hire car.