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Over the years, we have served customers from right across the UK and even Europe and Africa and are used to dealing with the specific needs of the countries and destinations involved.

We are used to buying and selling in Northern Ireland, have a reliable transport company we have used for a number of years, and we understand the N.I. registration system too.

We have taken deposits over the telephone with the proviso that the deposit would be fully refunded, plus £200 travelling expenses, if the car turns out to not match our description upon collection.  Customers tell us this has a huge influence when buying long distance, as trust can be in short supply with some dealers elsewhere.

So if you live near of far, rest assured that our integrity, evidenced by hundreds of testimonials from many of our satisfied clients means you can buy with confidence.

And remember, with our unique money back guarantee on your travel expenses if you are disappointed with any car you come to visit, you can’t really lose! But we are so confident in our product and descriptions, it is very unlikely you will want to claim as we have only paid travelling expenses three times in the last 15 years.